Language Assistant in Spain.

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The Assistants will have the opportunity to learn about the Spanish language and culture .

The Autonomous Regions will assign all candidates, individually, to their city and elementary or secondary school.  You may not choose your city. The MEPSYD and some of the Regional Education Authorities will organize orientation seminars at the beginning of the school year.

If you are a language assistant in a sección europea o bilingüe .More info here .

If you are a Comenius language assistant .More Info here.

If you need info about your destination.More Info here


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Tomelloso, located in the heart of the land of Quixote, is a modern and active city, fully integrated within the changing world of today and able to face the challenges posed by present-day society. Also, aware of its past and its culture, it conserves all of the values and traditions it has received from its history and it naturally stands out as a city of La Mancha.

A very important wine production centre, Tomelloso is the headquarters of the Vineyard and Wine Institute of Castille La Mancha and of the ‘Melon of La Mancha’ specific Designation of Origin.

The subsoil of Tomelloso has around 4,000 caves, which were dug out due to the need of storing large amounts of wine.

Special trips in Tomelloso
The Plaza de España, the Church of the Asunción, the Hermitage of San Francisco, the Antonio López Museum, the Cart Museum [Museo del Carro], the Bullfighting Museum [Museo Taurino], the Virgen de las Viñas Museum, the Recinto de Pinilla, the Posada de los Portales.

Info en Francés

Info en inglés about Tomelloso city ,how to arrive, where to stay ,accomodation

Video de Tomelloso.

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Socuéllamos is located in the far north-west of the Province of Ciudad Real in the region of La Mancha. It lies in the basin of the River Guadiana Alto. Socuéllamos is part of the aquifer twenty-three system, one of the most important on the peninsula.

Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real)


It lies 150km from the city of Ciudad Real and 44km from Alcázar de San Juan.

Tourist information
Socuellamos Town Hall
Plaza de la Constitución s/n
Phone: (+34) 926 539 410

Ciudad Real Tourism Office
Alarcos, 21
Phone: (+34) 926 200 037

How to get there
Road transport

In the northern part of the town visitors will find monuments of interest around the Church of La Asunción (The Assumption) which dates from the beginning of the 16th century. Next to the church is the Town Hall and the Palace of Don Antonio de Mendoza, an ancestral home built in 1514. Highlights of the building are its doorways with large voussoirs and coats of arms on the keystone.

In the outskirts is the Sanctuary of Loreto which dates from 1630 and is a site for religious processions.
Other places of interest are the Plaza del Coloso and the Plaza de la Constitución, the “Casa de la Encomienda” (Command House), the “Casa de la Inquisición” (Inquisition House), the Council House, the Bullring, the “Fray Luis de León” Museum and the “Carmen Arias” Art Centre.

On the boundary between the municipalities of Pedro Muñoz and Socuéllamos there is a bridge called the Puente del Molino de la Torre which spans the River Záncara. The bridge consists of three equal central spans and a smaller one which has been walled-up. On the approach to it and on the bridge itself there are remains of a road measuring about 5m in width. There used to be a milestone of Roman origin.

Special trips in Socuéllamos
The Church of La Asunción, the “Fray Luis de León” museum and the “Carmen Arias” Art Centre.

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Comenius Language Assistant

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The Comenius assistants programme provides you with the opportunity to:

improve your language skills
work with experienced teaching staff
gain an insight into another European education system.

Comenius Assistants work in schools and colleges across Europe for 12 to 16 hours per week.

You will support the  teacher by planning activities, texts, role plays and games using text books, newspaper/magazine articles, photos, pictures, maps, CDs, videos, DVDs or any other media to enable students to practise their language-english , freench or other language.

WE have had Comenius Language assistant during years in a few schools in the area.Some of them are

CP Félix Grande ( Tomelloso)

CC Santo Tomás-La Milagrosa (Tomelloso)

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